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Friday, April 17, 2009

Watch out for modern features!

Having great features is important for mobile social networks. It doesn’t just show the effectiveness the feature has, but it must also sustain this effectiveness in the long term.

When mobile social networks started, they had standard features like sending e-cards or placing wallpapers in users’ profiles. But as the technology advanced, more and more features were born and a new era of social networks began.

There has lots of advancement taken place in today’s mobile social networks. One example of a feature that has seen success is the chat room where you can have a group conversation with people all over the world. This phenomenon thanks its existence to popular group conversation programs like Skype and MSN. This trend is also showing in upcoming economies like India where chat rooms are very popular whether it is about social networking, making new friends or dating. We just cannot spend a day without chatting or interacting on our phones with new friends now…

Another popular feature that is used frequently is mobile games. Mobile games have become a standard feature for social networks because of the attraction to play games with friends via your phone so you can play anytime anyplace. There is much demand for mobile entertainment in countries like India where mobile gaming is a real success. When you are bored and nobody is online, you simply kill your boredom by playing games and having fun.

We conclude that the development of entertaining communications features has been rapid and the adaptation of new technology has played a major role in it. Features like chat rooms and multi-player games have made it easier to satisfy our desire for entertainment and fun on the go. However, we don’t know what surprises the future will bring as the development of new technology continues.

So stay tuned.

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