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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wauwee popular in India

Almost half of all users on Wauwee come from India. And not only because there just ARE a lot of people from India, but also because Wauwee perfectly fits their needs!

Wauwee.com started out with campaigns running all over the world, but specifically targetting Europe and the US. Mainly just because those were the regions we knew the most about, being an Amsterdam based company. To our surprise however, after one month of campaining we found that the top 3 countries our users originated from were India, Romania and Indonesia!

Where most 'western' users have online PC's at home and on the job, those countries have skipped most of the fixed web period that took flight in the 90ies in Europe and the US, and went straight for wireless. This meant that mobile phones rapidly became THE means of communication. When mobile internet became available, India was one of the frontrunners in that area.

An often heard compliment Wauwee.com gets from their users, is that where most mobile communities are in fact spin-offs of existing PC communities, Wauwee.com takes the lead because they are targetting only mobile phones, thus ensuring users they won't ever miss out on features that are only available on the PC sites. Not a small advantage for users that do not have easy access to an online PC!

Finally we found that one of the much appreciated aspects of Wauwee.com is its easy availability. Especially in countries like India, where incomes vary widely, the range of mobile phones used is immense. Focussing mainly on Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson, we see users surfing the net on end-of-the-millennium-devices like the early Nokia 6-series, to the latest and greatest in the world of mobile phones. The power of wauwee.com lies in the fact that it is offering a completely browser based application with small but clear icons on an easily loadable white background, thus providing its users with a great interface no matter what phone they are using!

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