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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ambassador selection starts!

The selection of the first round of ambassadors for Wauwee has kicked off! Users from all over the world have taken an interest in becoming an ambassador for their country by simply filling out their e-mail address in our message application. We’ve got over 200 reactions since the take off last week and there are still many coming in…

What ambassadors do on Wauwee is simply log in regularly, chat with other users and in general be active and create a fun and positive environment for other users. In order to do so ambassadors will be given special privileges that allow them to use features normal users don’t. The goal is to promote the service in the regions the ambassadors are from and to recruit more Wauwee users.

When applying for ambassador, users must be aware that they will have to comply with the Wauwee standards. Never use abusive language and don’t upload any content that conflicts with our terms. This is a small request we ask from them and if they are doing well, they will certainly be rewarded.

We salute the ambassadors and ask them to help us promote our beautiful service to all corners of the world. But the most important thing is: be active, have fun and enjoy being a Wauwee ambassador!

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